Russian Federation

Foundation for Assistance to
Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE)

3rd Obydensky per.,1, Str.5, 119034
Moscow, Russia

Contact Person

Ms. Olga Levchenko,
Director of International Department FASIE
Phone: +7 (495) 231-3851
Email: levchenko (at)




Aim of Programme

  • Encourage the implementation of R&D results into marketable innovations
  • Increasing the innovative ability and competitive position of small enterprises
  • Reduce technical and economic risks related to research and development

Funding Conditions

  • Small enterprises established in Russia as juridical entities, laws applicable 209 and 217 State Laws are eligible.
  • Absolute requirements:

  • companies with up to 100 employees
  • turnover for previous year (balance sheet) maximum 800 million Roubles excluding VAT,
  • foreign, state/public participation and participation of large companies in the share capital of the company- up to 49% (Article 4 State Law №209 with the exceptions applicable in accordance with 217 State Law) – exception – Skolkovo residents
  • company applying for the grant should have been registered not later than 1 year prior to applying for the grant;
  • non-commercial entities are not eligible.

  • It should be noted that companies with low turnover will have a very low chance to pass.
  • RTOs can only participate as subcontractors.
  • Eligible costs (as direct costs): a) personnel costs up to 80%; b) costs of special equipment up to 10%; c) consumables and supplies up to 30%; d) subcontracting up to 30%; e) other costs: up to 10%
  • Non-eligible costs: events, travel, subsistence allowance, indirect costs (overheads)
  • Eligible costs limited to max. 15 million Rubles per project
  • Project duration: 18 months or 24 months


  • Co-financing from the side of the Russian company
  • Russian applicant must submit a national application via the electronic submission system:



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