Partnering Event 13-3

IraSME - We Fund Innovation

Successful Partnering in Liège

29 Oct. 2013    10:30-14:30    CORNET and EraSME Partnering Event

Facilitating project partner search for the upcoming calls for proposals with deadline end of March 2014.


10:30    DGO6’s Welcome and Opening Remarks
10:40    Programme presentation EraSME
10:50    Programme presentation CORNET
11:00    CORNET Success Story: ALBAQUA - Combined ALgal and BActerial waste water treatment for high environmental QUAlity effluents

11:15 Production

Tobias Pickshaus            Fraunhofer IPT        Org-Profile
Department for Production Quality of Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology

Frederik Hendrickx        CEWAC            Org-Profile
Walloon research centre for the study of assembly technology and material testing

Fabrice Petit            BCRC            Project: Lasecoat
New laser cladding technology for thin coatings deposition

Pascal Pilate            BCRC            Project-Idea + additional info
Sustainability of Refractory materials

Patrick Cosemans SIRRIS Smart Coating

Peter Ramaekers SIRRIS Milling

11:45 Building

Nathan Van Den Bossche    Ghent University    Org-Profile
Department of architecture and urban planning of Ghent University

An Braeken            VUB            Org-Profile
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Reconfigurable Architectures, Parallel Processing & Telecommunications

Hervé Brequel            CTP            Org-Profile
Centre Terre & Pierre, Member of Environment and Materials Research Association

12:05 Food and Feed

Bert Verbinnen            Thomas More        Project: IN2BROILER (not public)
Insects as a sustainable protein source in broiler feed

Stefan Coghe            Flandersfood        Org-Profile
Flanders’ FOOD: Innovation platform – network organisation

Pierre Lefèbvre            Celabor s.c.r.l.        Org-Profile + Proj.
Cleabor - Private Laboratory & Research Centre, Project: Shelf-life of foodstuff

13:15 Energy

Griet Janssen            Thomas More        3 Project Ideas
ACCUMETER, mCHP and TESRE all from the energy sector

13:30 Lifesciences and others

Marc Mertens            Thomas More        Org-Profile + Projects
MOBILAB: Multidisciplinary expertise-center, Interface welfare and technology

Gijsbert van Asten        SpartnerS.        Org-Profile

Jean-Yves Escabasse PTS CHAINDESIGN

Bert Michielsen Omneon zero emission

15:00-17:10    CORNET Monitoring Meeting

17:15-18:00    Visit of SIRRIS

Meeting Venue:

Liège Science Park
Rue Bois Saint Jean 12
4102 Seraing

Contact info

+49 (0)30 48163 493

AiF Projekt GmbH
Tschaikowskistraße 49
13156 Berlin - Germany

Information on our partner network CORNET: If you are an association and your SME members have a common R&D question that needs to be solved by research-centres or universities? You may benefit from the transnational funding opportunities the CORNET network can offer, as it links national and regional funding programmes for collective research to promote cooperation between SME associations and research organisations across Europe: