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Successful Partnering in Warsaw

November 18th, 2014 | 10:00-16:00 | CORNET and IraSME Partnering Event

Facilitating project partner search for the upcoming calls for proposals with deadline end of September 2015.

Agenda | Registered Participants

10:45 Food

  • Prof. Piotr Konieczny (COBRABiD Ltd.  Warszawa & Poznań University of Life Sciences)
  • Katarzyna Sobecka (Center of Biommobilisation and Innovative Packagin Materials, West Pomeranian University of Technology)

11:00 Energy

  • Zbigniew Lewandowski (Polish Biogas Association in cooperation with Franciszek Górski Institute of Plant Physiology of the Polish Academy of Sciences) – Biomass from salt-tolerant plants: challenges and opportunities for biogas and other biofuels production
  • Artur Rusowicz PhD. (Research an Development Centre of Reaserch and Didactic Equipment COBRABiD Ltd.) – Micro-jet technology for cooling

11:20 Production and Building

  • Kerem Oflazgil (Institute for Industrial Management RWTH Aachen)
  • Fabrice de Barquin (Départment Materials-Technology-Envelope)

11:45 Others and Services

13:00 IT

  • Paweł Bukrejewski (Paweł Bukrejewski PIMOT, Jerzy Kalwas COBRABiD)
  • Grzegorz Owczarek PhD. (Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute, Department of Personal Protective Equipment)

13:20 CORNET Monitoring Meeting

  • Presentation of running CORNET projects - Progress, Collaboration Aspects, Lessons Learnt

Meeting Venue | Warsaw Marriott Hotel | Rooms Baltyk II & III | Warsaw Poland

Contact info

+49 (0)30 48163 493

AiF Projekt GmbH
Tschaikowskistraße 49
13156 Berlin - Germany

Information on our partner network CORNET: If you are an association and your SME members have a common R&D question that needs to be solved by research-centres or universities? You may benefit from the transnational funding opportunities the CORNET network can offer, as it links national and regional funding programmes for collective research to promote cooperation between SME associations and research organisations across Europe: