Partnering Event Brussels 2017

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Successful Partnering Event in Brussels 2017

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09:30    Registration of participants

10:00    Welcome / Opening remarks by VLAIO (Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship)

10:15    Programme presentations by CORNET, IraSME, Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) - Discover the right tools and funding options for your project idea

11:00    CORNET Session: At the Heart of a Project - Insights into running CORNET projects, tips and tricks – get in touch with experienced project coordinators

13:00    IraSME and CORNET Elevator Pitch Sessions – Part I of Matchmaking sessions

  • Dr. Gerold Aschinger (IN-VISION Digital Imaging Optics GmbH, GER) – IN-VISION Custom engineering of optomechantronical systems, Short description: IN-VISION is a company specialized in development, manufacturing and integration of optomechantronical systems and lenses as well as light engines.
  • Bernhard J. Dringenberg (BJD~analytics, GER) – Small Steps - Great Success,Short description: BJD~analytics: scientific education (materials science, nanotechnology, scientific instrumentation) scientific project- and laboratory management (EU-USA)
  • Prof. Gunther Steenackers (University of Antwerp, Faculty of Applied Engineering | Op3Mech research group, BE) – Smart Integration of Numerical modeling with Thermal inspection, Short description: Active thermography is known as a fast and efficient way to detect defects in for example glued materials. Unfortunately, the setup is cumbersome which results in a difficult implementation in industry. Besides, people are excellent in qualitative detection of anomalies, but computers outperform humans in precise measuring defects. We want to make quantitative thermal analysis applicable in industry and show the added values of the integration of numerical simulations.
  • Denis Vandormael (SIRRIS, BE) - Innovative tools for fast-response and high-quality molding, Short description: Innovative tools for fast-response and reduced-cost replication of high surface quality and complex parts in (very) small series.
  • Timo De Mets (Belgian Building Research Institute, BE) - Towards reliable internal insulation of existing solid walls, Short description: Some hygrothermal risks when applying internal insulation are insufficiently known, such as wood rot of floor beams and frost damage. Next to that, the influence of different brick types is uncertain.
  • Dr. Diana Reich (Technical University Berlin, Department of Industrial Information Technology, GER) - Presentation of the division virtual product creation and the department industrial information technology, Short description: Industrial Engineering within immersive environments looking for partners
  • Victor R. de la Rosa (ULTROXA Polymers, Ghent University, BE) - Poly(2-oxazoline)s: the versatile polymer platform, Short description: Specialty polymer development and manufacture for various markets The ULTROXA® spin-off is a contract development and manufacturing company committed to the development of a range of ultra-defined unique poly(2-oxazoline)s for applications in therapeutics, drug formulation, nanomedicines, biomaterials and diagnostics. Beyond biomedicine, the unique versatility of the PAOx polymer platform enables its use in a wide range of areas spanning from cosmetics to coatings or smart materials.

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