Catastrophe management

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Well informed – specific actions

A new management system supports a targeted and fast acting whilst catastrophes have occurred. Additional data for operations management is provided by the system, collected by various sensors and mobile systems on site. A reasonable reaction time in complex and dynamically changing emergency situations will be facilitated.

The project idea

A successful catastrophe management in major catastrophic events, for example during natural incidents or the exposition of hazardous substances, requires a fast and targeted handling of all involved action forces. Crucial for the success of such a mission is especially the prompt and extensive informed operational command. Todays ICT technologies and methods for decision making support are based on alarm plans, which are generally not adoptable to the certain given incident. Additionally, the adjustment of emergency action response plans can not keep up with the impact of present natural catastrophes. In the EraSME project INDYCO German and Austrian companies and research technology organisations set the goal of improving available technologies for catastrophe management.

The product and its innovation

Result of the project is an integrated, dynamic decision making support component, which includes sensor data and mobile systems that combine, structures and interprets all available data and so generates additional knowledge for the situation assessment.

Involving dynamic workflows existing emergency plans in terms of half automated adjustments and applications along the action plan can be adopted to emergency situations and catastrophic incidents for which no plan existed yet. Tasks and actions can be delegated to action forces equipped with mobile systems. Information for priority controlled processing are reported back to the control centre. Local information and multi media data of the action forces on site complete the overview of the situation. With that system catastrophic incidents which haven’t occurred so far can be managed in a more comprehensive way. With the developed components users such as emergency planners and the civil defence will be enabled to find an appropriate reaction in complex and dynamically changing emergency situations.

Market and customers

Currently there is a variety of techniques and solutions available on the market, which can be used in the area of emergency management. However, they provide and use information unattached from each other. The developed integrated solution therefore provides an unique characteristic. Prognoses of the involved partners assume that in the market segments public security and catastrophe protection the implementations of major incidents and catastrophe management can be sold to over 300 licences in Germany and the EU till 2021.

This project is simultaneously been funded by Austria and Germany.



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