Saving Energy and Costs

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Saving Energy and Costs

System for automatic Analysis of Energy Efficiency of Buildings

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This example is translated from the Success Story leaflet ZIM-KOOP 074

The project idea

People that own or rent new buildings expect that the construction is planned with regard to highest possible  energy efficiency however this is often not true. As a result of increasing energy costs and new laws (for example the turnaround in energy policy in Germany) energy efficiency gains more and more importance not only for energy intensive buildings.
Since the implementation of a new standard for energy management systems (DIN EN 16001) in the European Union in 2009 there is a strong increase in the demand for energy data controlling software. The permanent surveillance of energy consumption is a prerequisite for the energy efficient operation of buildings.

The product and its innovation

To evaluate measures for energy saving the consortium is creating a new, user-friendly way to efficiency analysis of buildings.
The consortium consists of a company and a university from Germany and a company and a private non profit research organisation from Austria. Each partner is supported by the corresponding national funding schemes.
As a basis the partners will combine their existing knowledge in the field of building automation and efficiency analysis. By upgrading building automation systems with the possibility to automatically identify energy consumers it will be possible to measure energy consumption through heating, air condition, ventilation etc. in a defined period of time and send them to a web server for further evaluation. Building owners can see the computed and visualized data on the web and also simulate energy consumption in the future with changes in certain consumers or other parameters. On this basis rational steps for energy saving can be taken. The software will be useful for energy consumption reduction as well as consumption surveillance and optimization of building operation.

Market and customers

Existing building automation systems are limited to the analysis tools implemented by the producer and allow no modification by the user. Through the new synergistic way of combining automation and monitoring the product portfolio of both involved companies will be enhanced.
The main market will be new building and renovation of industrial and public buildings.

The cooperation partners

Coordinator and contact person:

DI. Dr. Gerhard Zucker
Österreichisches Forschungs- und Prüfzentrum Arsenal Ges.m.b.H.
(AIT Energy Department)
Giefinggasse 2
1210 Wien, Österreich
Telefon +43 (0) 50550 6591


Envidatec GmbH
21079 Hamburg, Deutschland

Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg
Fakultät Technik und Informatik
20099 Hamburg, Deutschland

LOYTEC electronics GmbH
1170 Wien, Österreich



AiF Projekt GmbH
Tschaikowskistraße 49
13156 Berlin
Telefon +49 30 48163-3

Contact info

+49 (0)30 48163 493

AiF Projekt GmbH
Tschaikowskistraße 49
13156 Berlin - Germany

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