Current Call

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19th call for proposals is open

Deadline: March 29, 2017 - noon

Submitted electronically using the Submission system

  • Please note that the deadline is strictly kept!
  • Submission system closes automatically 12:01 pm Berlin time.
  • Proposals that arrive afterwards cannot be accepted for this call.

What we fund:

  • Development of new products, processes or technical services.
  • Technical development from first idea to last not marketable prototype.
  • R&D with significant technical risks for each funded partner.
  • Minimum constellation: 2 companies from 2 participating countries/regions.
  • Eligibility rules, application and funding details vary between countries/regions.

Please use our free consultation service via e-mail and telephone. Up until four weeks before the deadline, all German ZIM applicants may write a short sketch on the project and send it via e-mail to AiF Projekt GmbH in order to get some non-binding feedback.

The participating countries/regions in this call:

  • Austria
  • Belgium - Flanders
  • Belgium - Wallonia
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Czech Republic

  • France - Hauts-de-France (to be confirmed)

The following application documents are mandatory:

Please note, that a draft consortium agreement (unsigned) has to be provided by all German applicants. It is to contain all points mentioned in the ZIM guidelines, to be found on the ZIM website

Simultaneously the following documents are needed:

  • Complete national/regional application according to the corresponding programme.
  • Submitted to the funding agencies according to the national/regional programme.
  • Please contact your Local Funding Agency

Important national rules:

  • Austria: Consortia with Austrian partners have to include at least 3 companies of which at least 2 are SMEs (EC definition) of which at least one is from Austria. Austria: Project applications with Austrian partners must not exceed 10 work packages.
  • Austria-Germany: Proposals with only German and Austrian partners can be submitted completely in German.
  • Russia: Only small enterprises (< 100 employees) are eligible, research organisations only as subcontractors.
  • Germany: All foreign partners need to be included in the German ZIM application (annex 4 & 5) concerning company profile, work packages and market opportunities. Please add a trade register excerpt of all applicants. The cooperation agreement may be in English, incl. a German work translation.

The 19th IraSME call is organised and funded by national and regional ministries and agencies participating in the IraSME network through their existing funding programmes. Therefore it is important for all project partners to consult with their respective agencies at an early stage during the preparation of the proposal in order to secure compliance with the applicable national and regional criteria.

Contact info

+49 (0)30 48163 493

AiF Projekt GmbH
Tschaikowskistraße 49
13156 Berlin - Germany

Information on our partner network CORNET: If you are an association and your SME members have a common R&D question that needs to be solved by research-centres or universities? You may benefit from the transnational funding opportunities the CORNET network can offer, as it links national and regional funding programmes for collective research to promote cooperation between SME associations and research organisations across Europe: