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Who We Are

IraSME is a network of R&D funding programmes from different countries / regions that share the same goal: Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in their innovation efforts.

The network coordination is financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) and carried out by AiF Projekt GmbH in Berlin. 


Our Mission

The idea is to fund international projects on a national / regional level with as little extra effort as possible. We try to make the application process as easy and the evaluation as quick as possible. At the same time we aim at keeping the administrative aspects of the projects as easy as possible for the participating agencies and ministries.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Innovation without borders. Especially in the context of SMEs and technological innovation, transnational calls for proposals are often a lot more complicated than applying for funding on a national / regional level.

The goal of the IraSME network is to reduce the threshold for international cooperation by making local funding schemes available to international projects.


How to get funded


IraSME is not a funding programme. It is a joint initiative by independent national/regional funding organisations, which means that SMEs apply for financial support directly with their corresponding national/regional institutions or funding programmes, such as COIN for Austrian project partners, ZIM for German partners, etc. IraSME functions as an umbrella to make sure you apply with the same project in all jurisdictions involved.


The decision if you get a grant or not will always be based on your national applications. We recommend making your national applications your first priority. Once prepared, it should be an easy task to fill in the joint IraSME Application form which serves as a summary for the whole project.

If you have questions regarding concrete funding conditions that are not answered in the Countries / Regions pages, please contact the corresponding representative listed on those pages. If you have questions regarding the formal procedure or the overall concept of IraSMe, please contact the coordination office.


You can also complete a short self-check on your idea and documents in the How to build a project section.


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Get your funding locally but cooperate internationally

IraSME was initiated in 2005 as an ERA-NET. Until 2010 it was supported by the European Commission’s 6th and 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development.


Since January 2011 IraSME is a self-sustained network of several national funding agencies coordinated by the German AiF Projekt GmbH with financial means from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).


What Our Clients and Partners Say


Information on our partner network CORNET:

If you are an SME association and your SME members have a common R&D question that needs to be solved by research centres or universities, you may benefit from the transnational funding opportunities the CORNET network can offer. CORNET links national and regional funding programmes for Collective Research in order to promote cooperation between SME associations and research organisations across the globe: