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Value added tax – identification number: DE 272 835 496

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How to build a project:

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Success Stories:

Service robots in restaurants (154), Cover: /
Fine-Tuned Acoustics (143), Cover: @shoky
Hygienics Check (116), Cover: © industrieblick –
Catastrophe Management (111), Cover: © mb67 –
Repair instead of dispose (107), Cover: © wesel –


  1. IraSME Partnering Event – Aachen (Januar 2018) – Photo by
  2. Successful Partnering Event in Berlin 2018 (June 2018) – Photo by AiF Projekt GmbH
  3. IraSME Partnering Event – Aachen (November 2018) – Photo by
  4. Innovation Day 2019 in Berlin (May 2019) – Photo by Katja Täubert
  5. IraSME@Innoprom in Ekaterinburg (July 2019) – Photo by
  6. Partnering Event in Namur – 27th November 2019 (November 2019) – Photos by and
  7. IraSME@Innoprom in Ekaterinburg – 8th to 11th July 2019 – Photo by  DWIH Moskau