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How to build a project

On this page we provide help to prevent the most common mistakes we see in IraSME applications. The Project Check-Up is a short questionnaire that tries to lead you from a first idea to the submission of your application in IraSME. The scheme below gives you an overview on the stages from idea to proposal and provides you with further information if you follow the links.

Most Common Problems

Generally the most common reason for projects beeing not eligible or not funded are lacking knowledge about rules and requirements of the national / regional funding programmes and lack of time to make a complete and acceptable project plan and application.

The best measures to overcome those problems are:

  • Contact your national / regional funding organisations in an early stage of your idea.
  • Some of the local agencies offer to check a short overview on your idea and to give you some non-binding feedback. This is possible up to four weeks before the call deadline, but the earlier the better.
  • Take your time to plan your project and write an application! We have two calls each year so never mind a missed deadline.

If you still have questions we do not answer on these pages, please contact us. You find the contact details at the bottom of each page

Stages of building a Project

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Do the Project Check-Up

With a couple of short questions we will try to see if you thought about all necessary steps to build a successful IraSME project and write proposals that fulfil all requirements.

Make the Project Check-Up (in progress)

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Not sure your idea fits in IraSME?

If you are not sure if your project idea or your consortium fulfills the national / regional criteria for funding you should contact us in an early stage so you save the work of filing an application that doesn’t have a chance for funding.

Contact the IraSME coordination office (bottom of the page) for general questions and your local contact person for specific questions regarding eligibility of the idea or the consortium.

Some of the local Agencies also offer the possibility to check a short overview on your planned project and give you some non binding feedback.

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Building a consortium

Generally build your consortium as small as possible and as big as necessary.

For most countries / regions the minimum consortium is two companies from two participating countries / regions. If a partner from Austria is involved the consortium has to contain at least 3 companies (research organisations do not count as companies) of which at least one has to be from Austria.

Research organisations are eligible as additional partners or as subcontractors depending on the rules of the corresponding country / region.

For further information visit the Countries /Regions page. We also offer help in finding partners for projects. Visit our next Partnering Event or see our Finding Partners page.

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Who is eligible?

The eligibility criteria for companies and research organisations differ between the participating countries / regions so it is important to check the program profile on the partner pages.

For most countries companies are eligible if they are SMEs following the EU definition, which is < 250 employees (full time equivalents) and < 50 Millon Euro annual turnover or < 43 Million Euro balance sheet total.

However currently (click here for updates) for example Germany allows companies < 500 employees and Russia only companies < 100 employees.

Research organisations (Universities, Technical Universities, Fraunhofer,…) are eligible as partners with own funding if there is at least one company from the same country in most national /regional funding programs but for some (e.g. Russia) they may only be eligible as subcontractors.

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National / Regional Applications

You should start by filling the national / regional applications. The reason is that it is not really possible to plan the budget as long as you don’t know the rules for each partner.

Also the national / regional applications are the most important part of your application. IraSME is not a funding program but only coordinates several different national / regional funding programs. So each program agency decides based on the national applications they receive if they can fund the project or not.

The common IraSME application is only a short overview for the agencies on the part of the foreign partners that don’t apply for funding with them.

The IraSME form is really short and can realistically be prepared within the last week before the deadline if everything else is ready.

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You find all the necessary documents and information including the deadline in the Current Call Section.

You have to submit the common IraSME application form (signed by all partners) and the draft cooperation agreement (not signed) until the deadline (strict) electronically via the submission system.

You have to be logged in to use the submission system. If the submission system somehow does not work, you can always send your applications via email to info (at)

The national applications have to be submitted at the same time according to the procedures of the corresponding agencies.

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Not enough Time?

Only a few weeks left to the deadline and you are far from finished with your application? Never mind!

We have two calls per year with deadlines end of March and September. If you miss one deadline just take your time to prepare a good application and hand it in at the next deadline.

If you want to make sure you local agency participates in the next call you should contact them directly.

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