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Data Privacy Statement

The responsible party within the meaning of the applicable data protection laws
(in particular the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) is:

AiF Projekt GmbH
Tschaikowskistraße 49, 13156 Berlin, Germany
Telephone: +49 (0) 30 48163-3
Fax: +49 (0) 30 48163-402

Your rights as a data subject

By contacting our data protection officer using the information specified herein, you can exercise the following rights at any time:

You can also file a complaint with a corresponding supervisory authority (the authority responsible for your federal state in Germany, for example, or the authority responsible for us as the responsible party) whenever you wish.

A list of supervisory authorities (for the non-public sector) and their addresses is available here:

General information collected when you visit our website

When you access our website (that is, without registering or transferring information in some other way), general information is automatically collected. This data (read: server log files) includes the web browser and operating system you use, the domain name of your Internet service provider, your IP address, and similar information. None of this data makes it possible to identify you as a person.

The information is processed for the following purposes in particular:

– To ensure that you can connect to our website without issue

– To ensure that you can use our website without issue

– To evaluate the security and stability of our systems

We do not use your data to identify you as a person.


Legal basis

In accordance with the GDPR (Art. 6. para. 1, item f), we process data based on our justifiable interest in distributing information on specific topics and improving the stability and functionality of our website.



Your data may be transferred to technical service providers that process it on our behalf in connection with the operation and maintenance of our website.


Storage duration

We delete the data in question once it is no longer required for the purpose for which it was collected. In the case of data that aids us in maintaining our website, it is generally no longer needed when you leave the website.


Provision required or stipulated by law

You are required neither by contract nor by law to provide the personal data described above. Without your IP address, however, the services and functions our website offers cannot be guaranteed. Certain services may also be limited or unavailable. For these reasons, no corresponding objections are possible.


Type and purpose of processing

Your data will only be used to send you the newsletter to which you have subscribed. You are asked to provide you name so that we can address you personally in the newsletter and identify you should you wish to exercise your rights as a data subject.

To receive our newsletter, however, you only need to specify your e-mail address. When you subscribe to our newsletter, the data you provide will be used for this purpose alone. Subscribers may also receive e-mails designed to inform them of situations relevant to this service or their registration (changes made to the newsletter or technical circumstances, for example).



For your registration to succeed, we require a valid e-mail address. We also follow a double opt-in procedure to check that each registration was actually effected by the owner of the e-mail address in question. To this end, we log each newsletter subscription, the issue of a confirmation e-mail, and the receipt of the response requested therein. No other data is collected. The data that is collected is only used to issue our newsletter and will not be shared with any third party.


Legal basis

With your express consent (and in accordance with Art. 6, para. 1, item a of the GDPR), we will send our newsletter and similar information to the e-mail address you provide on a regular basis.


Objection / withdrawal

You can revoke your consent to having your personal data stored and used to send you our newsletter at any time (with effect from that point forward). Each issue of our newsletter contains a corresponding link. You also have the option to unsubscribe from our newsletter on our website or by contacting us using the information found at the end of these data privacy provisions whenever you wish.



We may transfer this data to entities that process it on our behalf; it will not be shared with any other third party.


Storage duration

The data collected in this context will only be processed with your corresponding consent and as long as the IraSME programme continues to exist as the basis for the newsletter. It will be deleted as soon as this is no longer the case.


Provision required or stipulated by law

You can choose to provide your personal data based solely on your own consent and volition. Without this consent, we will be unable to send you our newsletter.

SSL/TLS encryption

To keep your data secure during transfers, we use corresponding encryption methods (such as SSL) via HTTPS in line with the current state of the art.

Changes in our data privacy provisions

We hereby reserve the right to modify this data privacy statement to ensure that it continually fulfils the legal requirements currently in place, and to reflect changes in our services in said statement (when we introduce new services, for instance). When we update our data privacy statement, it will apply the next time you visit our website.

Questions for our data protection officer

If you have any questions about how we protect your data, please send us an e-mail or contact our data protection officer directly at datenschutz(at) You can generate your own data privacy statement here: Data privacy statement generator from activeMind AG (version: 2018-06-22).