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To apply for an IRAsme proposal was worth the effort. The unbureaucratic procedure and the good support by AiF Projekt GmbH paved the way to be successful in the first run. After getting a go on the international level we had no problems to achieve national fundings for all partners. The international cooperation opens up new opportunities in technology and business.

Rüdiger Moll
Ruediger Moll, IMST GmbH

Kamp-Lintfort, Germany

IraSME projects offer a great opportunity for Flemish SME's to get into contact and work together with foreign companies and research centres.

Ria Bruynseels
Ria Bruynseels, Call management, Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Brussels, Belgium

IRASME promotes cooperation between the countries in research and development, the application in this funding program is very easy and it is processed quickly. The employees of ZIM international support us in the application and are helpful to the side, the application process is unbureaucratic and there is a fair evaluation of the project idea with a high approval rate. Competent institutions are also available in the partner countries for the project application, to which the foreign cooperation partners can turn. I can only recommend IRASME and look forward to many exciting new projects with international partners.

Dr. Ing. Barbara Leydolph
Dr.-Ing. Barbara Leydolph, Leiterin Forschungsbereich Baustoffe, IAB – INSTITUT FÜR ANGEWANDTE BAUFORSCHUNG WEIMAR gemeinnützige GmbH

Weimar , Germany

The IraSME network has allowed us to easily coordinate our funding program with those of numerous other jurisdictions, thus vastly increasing opportunities for the companies we support. The network provides numerous benefits, creates significant additional impact, and allows our applicants to work with the very best partners, all while streamlining effort and administration.

Picture Partner Alberta
Katelyn Petersen, Ph.D. Executive Director, German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

We use the successful IraSME format for the first steps in international development cooperation between international SMEs, R & D institutions and us.We appreciate the simple structured application process and the very good support from the IraSME team. The application process is transparent and easy to understand because it is based on regional funding conditions.Due to the constant extension of the program towards participating countries, very good long-term international development cooperation can be established. Without such a program, such international risky R & D projects will not be feasible.

Klaus Richter ITP GmbH
Klaus Richter, Executive Director, ITP GmbH – Society for Intelligent Textile Products

Weimar, Germany

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