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International research activities by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises


Burcu Kaptan Akbulut_1847
TÜBİTAK - The Scientific and Technological
Research Council of Türkiye

Tunus Caddesi No:80
06100 Kavaklıdere, Ankara

Contact Person

Ms. Burcu Kaptan Akbulut

Phone: +90 312 298 1471





Aim of Programme

  • To improve the innovation capacity and the capability of SMEs at an international level
  • To establish cooperation between RTOs and SMEs

Funding Conditions

The following funding criteria apply to proposals with Turkish partners in the consortium:

  • The participants must abide by the 1071 Programme – Support Programme for Increasing Capacity to Benefit from International Research Funds and Participation in International R&D Cooperation rules and submit their proposals accordingly. Please refer to the details indicated at the TÜBİTAK web site (in Turkish).
  • Submission of a proposal at the national level with TÜBİTAK is also mandatory: . Please note that proposals must be signed electronically according to the national rules (PDF). This is in addition to the “IraSME Application Form”, which has to be submitted by e-mail to
  • The participation of RTOs is strongly recommended and preferred.
  • Funding ratio: RTOs up to 100%, small and medium enterprises up to 75% and large enterprises up to 60% of total costs.
  • Project budget cannot exceed 2.5 million TL. Project incentive bonus and overheads are paid in addition for RTOs.
  • Eligible costs include equipment, consumables, personnel costs, travel, consultancy and service procurement.
  • Projects can be funded for a duration of up to 3 years.


  • Please refer to the details indicated on the TÜBİTAK web site and the national rules (in Turkish).



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