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International research activities by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

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Ria Bruynseels_VLAIO
Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Koning Albert II-laan 35, P.O.B. 16
B-1030 Brussels, Belgium – Flanders

Contact Person

Ms. Ria Bruynseels

Phone: +32 (0)2 432 4276

Email: Ria.Bruynseels (at)




Aim of Programme

Development projects play a key role in the realization of a business case that has the potential to strengthen SMEs. This type of project includes the development of a completely new or significantly innovative (improved) product, process, service or concept, and the result has a significant impact on the performance of the company. That impact is rather short-term.

Funding Conditions

  • Companies (which comply with the European SME definition) with operational activities in the Flemish Region.
  • Subsidy between EUR 25,000 and EUR 500,000.
  • Maximum duration of 24 months in principle.
  • Projects with a military affinity are not eligible!
  • The support is based on a percentage of the eligible costs (staff costs related to the project, operating costs, depreciations and, to a limited extent, indirect costs).
  • The basic subsidy rate is 25%, which is increased by 15% in case of a relevant and substantial cross-border cooperation between at least two independent companies. In case of cooperation, none of the companies contributes more than 70% of the budget in the project budget. Subsidy rates increase by 10% for medium-sized companies (mo) and by 20% for small enterprises (ko). The total subsidy rate is limited to a maximum of 60%.


A substantiated business case is essential. The company is aware of any barriers and how to overcome them, is able to motivate the resources which are required for the project and what the expected return will be. It has to demonstrate that the realization of the innovation will strengthen the position of the company in the first years after the (successful) completion of the development project.



Get in touch with your local Network contact point by selecting the city where your company is based. They can help your business with advice, support and opportunities for international partnerships:


GTAI - Germany Trade & Invest

The website offers information on Belgium’s economic climate, industries, business practice, law and international tenders as provided by the economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany (in German only).

Partner Belgium-Flanders

Ria Bruynseels

IraSME projects offer a great opportunity for Flemish SMEs to get into contact and work together with foreign companies and research centres.

Ria Bruynseels
Call management, Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship
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